Support us with a donation

As you are probably aware, DjangoCon Africa is entirely run by volunteers, on a non-profit basis.

We need to raise funds to support the attendance of speakers and other attendees whose own financial resources will not stretch to the covering the cost of international travel without facing hardship.

The economics of an event such as this are an enormous challenge, as we strive to provide a high-quality conference experience, while carefully balancing the way we spend our limited funds, and making this an inclusive event.

All the funds we raise for this purpose will be used specifically to provide financial assistance - every amount we receive, however small, will directly help a traveller get to DjangoCon Africa.

So far we have raised:

  • GoFundMe: €3498
  • direct donations: €820
  • total: €4318

GoFundMe campaign

If you’d like to support DjangoCon Africa but are not able to commit to a formal sponsorship package, we invite you to support us through our GoFundMe campaign: DjangoCon Africa financial assistance fund.

Direct donations

Or if it’s easier, you can make a direct bank transfer to:



  • IBAN: GB76 CPBK 0892 7388 0692 83
  • BIC: CPBK GB 22 (if required)
  • Co-operative Bank sort code 08-92-73 account number 88069283

US Dollar

  • ACH and wire routing number: 026073150
  • account number: 8310585258
  • account type: Checking
  • bank address: Wise 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor, New York NY 10010, United States

The name of the account holder of all the accounts is: Daniele Procida.

Transparency and reporting

For transparency, we are publishing an anonymised record of all donations. For privacy, we will not mention the names of donors unless requested, but we’d be really happy to list you - please email us in that case.

All funds will be accounted for in our post-conference report.

However you send it, every single penny that we receive in donations will be used to assist travellers on low budgets.