Anna Makarudze

Anna (Zimbabwe) spent several years serving as the President of the Django Software Foundation. She will share her insights on how those in ethnic, gender and other minorities can succeed, and communities can support them.

Atieno Ouma

Atieno (Kenya) is a backend developer at USAID HealthIT project; she is responsible for data pipelines and machine learning models. She's also passionate about open source contributions and mentorships. She'll be speaking about don't-repeat-yourself principles in Django queryset optimisation.

Brayan Kai Mwanyumba

Brayan Kai (Kenya) is a data scientist. He is an active open-source software community contributor. He'll be discussing disability and opportunities for inclusion in open-source, to the benefit of communities and individuals.

Busola Marcus

Busola (Nigeria) lives in Lagos and works for Canonical as a process engineer and delivery expert - remotely. She will be discussing the opportunities that remote work offers African technology professionals.

Chris Achinga

Chris (Kenya) is a software developer at Swahilipot Hub Foundation. He'll be leading a workshop on building authentication APIs With Django.

Daniele Procida

Daniele (Italy) joined the Django Core team in 2013 and is an Engineering Director at Canonical. He'll be discussing the parallels between music and software, and what Africa and Black culture mean for them.

Dawn Wages

Dawn (USA) is a product manager at Microsoft. She will discuss developer tools for Python/Django programmers, and the benefits that Visual Studio Code’s Dev Containers can offer.

Eric Odhiambo

Eric (Kenya) works at Seige Software. In this talk he will explore the challenges of working with large datasets in the Django admin and show how to improve performance by integrating the powerful Typesense search into your Django applications.

Eva Nanyonga

Eva (Uganda) is a software developer at RocketHealth and a community organiser. She'll be talking about testing APIs in Django.

Flavio Percoco

Flavio (Italy) is a software engineering leader, working at some of the best-known companies in OSS, currently working at FLYR for Hospitality. He'll be speaking about what’s needed to turn a software idea to a reality.

Fuad Habib

Fuad (Tanzania) will talk about real-world examples of successful youth-led projects in Africa, and the tangible opportunities Django presents for entrepreneurship and job creation.

Honza Kral

Honza (Czech Republic) is a Django Core contributor. He'll be speaking about what’s needed to turn a software idea to a reality.

Jon Atkinson

Jon (United Kingdom) is Technical Director at Giant Digital; in this talk he will question the thinking that 'the cloud' should be the default starting-point for our deployment needs, and explore some older, simpler options.

Joseph Adediji

Joseph (Nigeria) is a technology enthusiast and entrepreneur. He loves building with Python and Django, and will be talking about how to use Django's versatile management commands beyond their conventional use for administrative tasks in novel ways.

Joseph Sowah

Joseph (Ghana) works at Genkey and is an active member of the Python Ghana community. He'll be leading a workshop on building, deploying, and automating Django applications on cloud infrastructure.

Kojo Idrissa

Kojo (USA) is one of the leaders of the North American Django community, and our first keynote speaker. He will be speaking about practices and patterns in problem-solving and how they apply across the globe.

Lidya Tilahun

Lidya (Ethiopia) is a researcher, data analyst and technology enthusiast, with a special interest in climate solutions. She'll be talking about e-farming - digital agriculture - as a movement that can advance the interests of rural farmers in developing nations.

Mariam Muhammed

Mariam (Nigeria) is a Senior Software Engineer. Her focus is on excellence in engineering: quality, performance, scalability. She'll be discussing Django's caching functionality, and practical approaches to using it to improve performance.

Mariusz Felisiak

Mariusz (Poland) is one of the most important people in the world of Django. He has been a Django Fellow since 2019. This talk will dive deep into Lookups, a key component of the ORM.

Mark Smith

Mark (United Kingdom) is a Python/Django developer and community organiser. He will be speaking about the experience of being a Django developer over the years.

Omotola Omotayo

Omotola (Nigeria) is the community manager for Outreachy, where she helps guide interns towards full-time employment in open-source software. She'll be talking about career paths, and how they work.

Robson Kanhalelo

Robson (Namibia) is a software developer and data analyst. He will be leading a workshop to use Python and Django to retrieve real-time space data and build web applications to display and interact with that data.

Ronald Maravanyika

Ruth Ikegah

Ruth (Nigeria) an Open Source Consultant at Bitergia and Community Lead at CHAOSS Africa, where she works to improve the health of Open Source communities on the continent. She'll be talking about careers, and how open-source software opens doors.

Salim Abdella

Salim (Ethiopia) will be speaking on Django and Celery: Leveraging Distributed Workers for Scalable and Asynchronous Processing

Samweli Twesa Mwakisambwe

Samweli (Tanzania) works at Kartoza. He will speak about using open-source Python tools to visualise and and analyse geospatial data.

Sheena O'Connell

Sheena (South Africa) will discuss how COVID disrupted the work of Umuzi, a non-profit training provider, and how Django helped Umuzi weather the disruption.

Tahaa Farooq

Tahaa (Tanzania) is a cyber-security specialist, with a special interest in malware and reverse-engineering. He will be talking about using Django to create security tools, demonstrating a web application that performs security scans.

Velda Kiara

Velda (Kenya) is a software engineer and technical writer, with a special interest in DevOps and Kubernetes. She'll be talking about hidden gems and lesser-known techniques in Django.

Victor Jotham Ashioya

Victor (Kenya) is a data scientist. He'll be leading a workshop on deploying a machine learning model using Django.

Vuyisile Ndlovu

Programmers spend a lot of their time debugging. Vuyisile (Zimbabwe) will introduce systematic approaches to the art, and some Python tools that Python developers can incorporate into their work.

More coming soon!