Introduction and orientation day

DjangoCon Africa is a six-day conference, and the first day will be extra-special. It’s our introduction day.

An introduction to Zanzibar

Most visitors who come to Zanzibar have a tourist experience. That can be very enjoyable, but it’s not usually particularly enlightening about the place, its culture or its history, and it doesn’t provide much insight into the lives of the people who live there.

With local members of the organising team as our hosts, we’ll go together on a route around Zanzibar City, to discover it from the point of view of local people.

We’ll visit markets and have lunch - definitely not the tourist lunch! - and experience some things as Zanzibaris do, and see them with their eyes.

Market, Zanzibar
Photo by kind permission of Walker Angell

An introduction to each other

It’s also a day for introductions to each other.

At DjangoCon Africa there will be many attendees who have never been to a DjangoCon before, or to an African city (never mind an African software conference). It will be a new experience for many of us, with new people from cultures we may not have met before.

Discovering Zanzibar City together will be the perfect way to start the event, and an experience that you couldn’t possibly otherwise have.

Jaws Corner, Zanzibar
Photo by kind permission of Walker Angell