Sponsor DjangoCon Africa

Join us as we make history with the first-ever DjangoCon Africa! Be a part of a thriving community of developers and position your brand at the forefront of the rapidly growing technology sector in Africa. With an expected 300 attendees from both the local and international community, sponsoring this landmark event is a unique opportunity to connect with and reach a highly engaged audience.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or if you have any questions, then please email us at sponsors@djangocon.africa.

Why sponsor?

If you are making anything that is useful to Django developers, such as developer tools, SaaS products or hosting platforms, this is the perfect marketing opportunity. Africa is a fresh and ready market; and a booth at our conference will enable to meet new potential customers for your products.

DjangoCon Africa will uphold the tradition of existing DjangoCons all over the world of investing in great efforts in being a diverse conference. Africa itself is very diverse with a total of 54 countries made up of many different ethnicities. Only with the help of our sponsors can we be able to bring people from all social backgrounds and different parts of the world together at our very first event.

There is no better place to recruit Django developers than a DjangoCon! DjangoCon Africa is the largest single gathering of Django developers in Africa. Sponsoring the very first DjangoCon Africa will put you directly in front of a fresh candidate pool.

If you use Django or related projects to build your software products, sponsoring DjangoCon Africa is a good way to give back to the community and say “thank you” to its members. Any open source community survives on the goodwill of its members and the conference is an important gathering to meet and discuss the future of Django. At the same time, sponsoring allows us to keep ticket prices affordable and even offer financial aid for developers from marginalized groups who could not otherwise join.

Your own employees can profit a lot from attending DjangoCon Africa. Not only does the conference provide valuable education in form of talks and workshops that improve their professional talks and technical skills, it is also the best single place to start and build a network within a community of potential future partners.

Where does your money go to?

Djangocon Africa is run by volunteers on a non-profit basis. All the money we receive will go towards covering the costs of the event and reducing the cost for our attendees.

This includes:

  • catering and refreshments
  • venue rent
  • technical services
  • financial assistance for accommodation and travel for attendees and speakers on a low budget.
  • video recordings for talks
  • conference merchandise and program booklet
  • basic running expenses

Anything left over will be used for supporting future non-profit events.