Where to stay

DjangoCon Africa is taking place at the Institue of Tourism, on the Maruhubi Campus of the State University of Tanzania.

Choosing a location

Most travellers will opt to stay in Stone Town, the old part of Zanzibar City. It’s about ten minutes’ drive from the venue.

There are also options even closer to the venue, though you will miss out on the experience of staying in Stone Town.

We will provide shuttle buses to transport travellers between Stone Town and the venue.

There are also numerous minibuses and taxis that ply the route - it’s on the main road and very easy to take. You will find “tourist minibuses”, and for the more adventurous, the famous dalla dalla minubuses.

Some suggestions

See Expert Africa’s curated list of places to stay in Stone Town for some ideas (these are mostly at the higher-end of the market).

Mid-range options



Hostel accommodation

  • Lost and Found Hostel - the organisers are familiar with and have stayed in this hostel, which is clean and comfortable. It offers accommodation in shared dormitories, with curtains for privacy, and private lockers for security. USD ~17 per night.